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Welcome To FACII.

Inspired by a woman's unconditional love for cats, FACII is more than just a company - it's a pet enthusiast who shares the latest and greatest cat/dogs trends, news, memes and suggested communities - all of which are from the biggest innovation product purchased in a unique product.

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The best part?

The best part? We help cats/dogs in need. At FACII, we believe that every pet is worth living forever, and our mission is to do our best to help these amazing sweetie. In order to give back to our FACIIPET community, we work closely with our shelter partners to develop cats and dogs in our office, donate essentials and condensed toys, and sponsor community pet adoption activities - all of which are designed to help pets who need it the most!

Come visit us!

Come visit us!

We here at FACIIPET are excited to announce our partnership with the PETS Cafe! This amazing cafe is now part of FACII Headquarters and sharing office space with us!

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