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Don't Let Your Cat Turn into A Meat Ball

Don't Let Your Cat Turn into A Meat Ball

The healthy performance of cats is strong and shiny, and this kind of health is manifested from the inside out. If the cat is malnourished and frail, then the cat is generally thin. Thin cats are not flattering, but the appearance of a strong cat is fascinating. So the main people always want to add a variety of nutrition to the cat, in order to reach fullness. If it is too much, it becomes a meatball, even the cat is inconvenient to lick hairy, which affects the normal life of the cat.

But in fact, cats are just like our human beings. If they are too fat, it is easy to have some cardiovascular diseases. Too much obesity also reduces resistance. In addition to easy cardiovascular disease, there may be pathological changes in the liver and kidneys.


If the cat has the following four conditions, you have to lose weight:

Touching the cat's armpits and the top of the stomach, I can't feel the ribs, only the flesh;

There is a large piece of fat in the cat's belly to the hind leg;

Looking down on the cat's back, the body is convex in the middle;

I can't see the cat's waist when I take a shower.

The correct way to lose weight in cats can be divided into three categories, namely dieting, exercise, and regular weighing. The way to diet is to reduce their daily meal size because fat cats usually have large stomachs, so you can't give them too little at once. Feed dry food every day regularly, do not let them "eat full"


A normal adult cat's daily ration is 50 grams of cat food. Do not exceed this limit of 50 grams. If you are used to putting cat food there and let them eat it, there is usually no exercise. It is best to change it to two or three times a day. The amount of meat should also be controlled. Put the cat's daily rations into a few cat food bowls and put them in various places in the house, forcing the cats to take more roads to eat.

In addition, every day, I have to help the cat to carry out physical training, such as playing with a cat stick, climbing a window sill, etc. Usually, we go to work, the cat is very bored at home, and will be lazy like a person. So, we have to play games with the cat and let it move. Fibo is a fun interactive laser toy that can even entertain the laziest cats. It provides automatic mode (generating random mode) and manual mode (control operation). Turn it on and watch your cat raids, chases and bats in exciting laser modes.

Autoplay: Automatically turn off the laser after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from being over-stimulated and keeping the game irritating.

Interesting cats: Exciting lasers move randomly on the floor and walls, which fits the cat's natural hunting instinct; use the mirror adjustment buttons to control where the laser is pointing.

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